This year, 2016, marks 55 years of existence of the Postgraduate Studies in Monetary Economy, Finance, and Banking. Hence, this is a fine occasion for us to reflect on its achievements up to now, yet at the same time to try to predict its future perspectives and challenges.

The functioning of these Studies so far can be divided into two stages: the first stage regards the period from its founding to the dissolution of SFR Yugoslavia; while the second stage commenced after the break-up of Yugoslavia and the gaining of political and economic independence of the Republic of Macedonia.

             Since their founding in the remote year of 1961, under the name: Postgraduate Studies in Monetary-Credit Issues”, they represent the first Postgraduate Studies in the field of finance not only in Macedonia but also in the history of the education of SFRY. The challenges behind their creation represented a Yugoslav project, in the foundation of which was engaged the whole professorial elite from the leading University centers of the former SFRY (Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Skopje, and Sarajevo).

            Creating Studies that were specialized in finance in the early 60-ies of the previous century represented a breakthrough towards the liberalization and modernization of the science of economics in Yugoslavia, especially in conditions when in the socialist countries the study of the financial factors was most commonly ideologically restricted and put under the full shade of the “real” economic movements. On the other hand, though, its formation and persistence represents an excellent case study of how in given circumstances national intervention can give quick and lasting results, which economists would commonly expect to be delivered by market forces.



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Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
Faculty of Economics – Skopje, 2016